Alexandre Grothendieck: A Mathematical Portrait

A collection of articles about the nature of Grothendieck's mathematics and his style and influence as a mathematician.


    Grothendieck and functional analysis by Joe Diestel
    L'influence d'Alexandre Grothendieck en K-théorie by Max Karoubi
    Grothendieck et la théorie des schémas by Michel Raynaud
    The Picard Scheme by Steven Kleiman
    My introduction to schemes and functors by David Mumford
    Descent by Carlos Simpson
    On Grothendieck's work on the Fundamental Group by Jaap Murre
    An Apprenticeship by Robin Hartshorne
    Grothendieck et la cohomologie étale by Luc Illusie
    A biographical reading of the Grothendieck-Serre correspondence by Leila Schneps
    Did earlier thoughts inspire Grothendieck? by Frans Oort
    A country of which nothing is known but the name: Grothendieck and motives by Pierre Cartier
    Forgotten motives: The varieties of scientific experience by Yuri I. Manin

Not for inclusion in the book:

    Esquisse Thématique by A. Grothendieck