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The long-term goal of the Grothendieck Circle is to make publicly available (and in some cases translate) published and unpublished material written by (and about) Alexandre Grothendieck, as well as to provide some biographical material. Since many of these texts are unpublished or are out of print, we hope that this site will serve as a valuable resource to researchers, expanding over time. 

A. Grothendieck has demanded the suppression of this website, which he termed "an abomination". In respect of his wishes, links to his own works have been removed. Articles about Grothendieck have been allowed to remain.

Recent additions to the site:

- An article in Chinese by Kejian Xu of Qingdao University, who sent it to me with the following description: Please find in the attachment my recent paper entitled "On Grothendieck's motive and Cezanne's motif". This paper has been published in the Chinese journal "Mathematical Culture" (Vol. 3, No. 2, 12-33, 2012). In this paper I have sketched Grothendieck's theory on motives and Cezanne's art theory on motif(in detail), and then I have compared the two great masters' ideas and thoughts in different aspects, such as philosophy, religion, etc. In this paper, I have used your paper "The Grothendieck-Serre Correspondence" and your analysis on the correspondence. I also use Winfried Scharlau's analysis on Grothendieck's ideas on dreams, from which I am lead to a question about Grothendieck's "great turning point". (Biographical Texts)