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Michael Harris


The articles below are preliminary versions of chapters to appear in a forthcoming book (title still
undetermined) to be published by Princeton University Press.

A mathematical dream and its interpretation:  pdf

An automorphic reading of Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day (work in progress),
Version of December 7, 2008, including an elliptical discussion of Mason & Dixonpdf

Further investigations of the mind-body problem:  pdf

Do Androids Prove Theorems in Their Sleep?  (slighly longer version of article
to appear in Circles Disturbed, A. Doxiadis and B. Mazur, eds.):  pdf

"Why Mathematics?" You May Ask (in The Princeton Companion to Mathematics,
T. Gowers et al, eds. pp. 966-977):  pdf
Next-to-last draft, including many footnotes deleted from the published version.

          This article is the subject of a comment on Terence Tao's blog.  Though the comment took the form of a crude insult, 
          it seems to be based on a misunderstanding of the purpose of my article.  I have therefore posted an extended reply here.


Avatars:  mathematical conjectures in the light of (re)incarnation
    Quicktime movie of PowerPoint presentation at the conference "Two Streams in the Philosophy of Mathematics:  Rival Conceptions of Mathematical Proof"
    University of Hertfordshire, July 1-3, 2009 (long before the author had heard anything about Cameron's film!)
    Small version (for slow connections)


REVIEW OF Fashionable Nonsense,  A. Sokal and J. Bricmont (written early 1999)

REVIEW OF Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Theory, V. Tasi'c (published in Notices of the AMS,  August 2003)

REVIEW OF Everything and More, D. F. Wallace (published in Notices of the AMS, June-July 2004)


Michael Harris

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