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Przemyslaw CHOJECKI

Institut Mathématique de Jussieu
Bureau 501, tour 15/16
4, place de Jussieu
75252 Paris

e-mail: surname [at] math jussieu 

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Galois representations, automorphic forms, Shimura varieties, Langlands program, p-adic cohomology theories, adic and perfectoid spaces

Preprints and publications

Teaching/Organized events

    Seminar on perfectoid Shimura varieties (September-December 2013, Paris, France)
    Seminar on Breuil-Mezard conjecture (March-April 2013, Paris, France)
    Seminar on adic spaces (October-December 2012, Paris, France)
    Workshop on modular curves (17th-19th December 2012, Warsaw, Poland)
    Workshop on Weil conjectures (31st May-2nd June 2012, Warsaw, Poland)
    Seminar on arithmetic geometry (summer semester 2012, Warsaw, Poland)  
    Workshop on étale cohomology (1st-3rd March 2012, Warsaw, Poland)
    Mini-workshop on local class field theory (13th-14th December 2011, Warsaw, Poland)


- Number Theory Seminar, MIT, USA, 25th February 2014.
- Number Theory Seminar, Boston University, USA, 24th February 2014.
Workshop, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, three talks: 13th-16th January 2014.
Conference, TIFR, Mumbai, India, two talks: 30th December 2013 and 1st January 2014.
Seminaire d'arithmetique, Lyon, France, 3rd December 2013.
- Number Theory Seminar, Cambridge, UK, 14th May 2013.
- Research conference during "Arithmetic and Geometry" program, Bonn, Germany, 15th April 2013.
- Seminar, Versailles, France, 9th April 2013.
- Seminaire de geometrie algebrique, Rennes, France, 14th March 2013.
- Arithmetic Geometry Seminar, Bonn, Germany, two talks: 17th and 22nd January 2013.
- Seminaire Groupes Reductifs et Formes Automorphe, Jussieu, Paris, France, 10th December 2012.
- Seminaire de Geometrie Arithmetique et Motivique, Paris Nord 13, France, 9th November 2012.
- Workshop on the arithmetic geometry of Shimura varieties, representation theory and related topics, Sapporo, Japan, 21st July, 2012. 
- Workshop on the arithmetic geometry of Shimura varieties and Rapoport-Zink spaces, Kyoto University, Japan, 7th July, 2011.


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